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Kebur Contempo Natural Granite Arctic Storm Paving

£21.20Including VAT

25% off. Now £41.96 sq mtr including VAT

Origin: China Kebur Garden Materials    

1000 x 500 x 25mm (approx. 2 slabs/ sq mtr)

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£21.20Including VAT

25% off. Now £41.96 sq mtr including VAT

Origin: China Kebur Garden Materials    

1000 x 500 x 25mm (approx. 2 slabs/ sq mtr)


Now 25% off whilst stocks last.

A highly durable natural stone formed of igneous rock from deep below the earth’s crust, Kebur Contempo Arctic Storm Granite paving makes an exceptional choice for any patio. Its strength, resistance to scratching, acid and heat, and its low porosity make this granite very low maintenance and extremely hard-wearing. Kebur Contempo Natural Granite Arctic Storm paving is flamed on the surface. This gives it a slightly textured even finish. White striations run through the intense dark grey granite, giving natural character that will create a wow factor in your garden. Occasional pink/purple tinted crystals and amber veining further enhance the natural beauty of the stone. Artic Storm granite paving is available in an eye-catching 1000 x 500 x 25mm size. These slabs highlights the linear striations perfectly. We highly recommend pre-sealing natural granite to avoid picture-framing when laying this stone.

Sealing with Dry Treat Intensifia can also enhance the appearance and deepen the colour of the stone.

With every purchase of this product, you’ll be helping to fund vital work to plant trees and protect established woodland.


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Weight36 kg
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Want to protect your beautiful natural stone?

Sealing is highly recommended for some natural stones like granite and Egyptian Limestone. It protects the stone from stains and makes cleaning easier.

Why not let us pre-seal your natural stone for you before we deliver? We’ll save you time and hassle so you can install it in any weather.

 Prices start from £18.30 per m2.

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