Timber Gravel Boards

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150mm x 22mm, 1.83m and 3m lengths



Timber gravel boards are a cost effective option. Available in two lengths; 1.83m and 3m, they are useful boards for a variety of other landscaping projects as well as just for use as gravel boards.

Gravel boards help prevent the risk of the bottom of a fence rotting as without it would be exposed to ground moisture. They also stop soil and gravel from moving under the panel.


1.83m x 150mm x 22mm (designed for panel fencing)
3m x 150mm x 22mm (designed for feather edge fencing system)

Timber Gravel Boards can be attached to a timber post in a variety of ways; a timber cleat, a 25mm timber gravel board bracket or various other clips.


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3.00m x 22 x 150, 1.83m x 22 x 150


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