Bark, soil and compost

Whatever you grow in your garden, whether you’re sowing vegetable seeds or planting flower beds, hedging, or trees, you’ll want to give your plants the best care they need. Our range of topsoil, compost and mulch will help you create the optimum nutrients and structure in your soil so your plants will grow strong and healthy all year round.
Our multipurpose peat free compost is packed with rich nutrients to promote healthy growth at all stages of a plant’s life. Our compost is suitable for seeding, cuttings, potting and hanging baskets. Read more about why we’ve gone peat-free to help you garden sustainably.
Choose from our range of rich, organic and fertile topsoils that are specially graded for lawns, bedding and borders. Available in bulk bags, poly bags and loose tipped.
Whether you’re looking for low maintenance ground cover, or to protect your plants against weeds, moisture-loss and frost, our range of hardwood chips, barks and mulches will help you with the job.