Want to protect your beautiful stone and make it easier to maintain?

Sealing natural stone can prolong its life and maintain its characteristics. Kebur can help you by pre-sealing for you. We use deep penetrating sealants that inhibit moss and mould growth, and provide protection from stains, efflorescence, salt, freeze-thaw spalling and picture-framing. This means your paving will look good for longer and will arrive ready to install in any weather.

Why choose pre-sealed stone?

We start by carefully cleaning your stone with specialist cleaners at our dedicated facility. This helps to get the surface ready for sealing. Preparing stone in a controlled environment means we can achieve consistent results in any weather and an even application of your sealant.

Our team then apply an even coat of your choice of our high quality sealants, Stain-Proof Premium Impregnating Sealer or Stain-Proof Colour Enhancing Sealer.

Once pre-sealed, your stone will arrive on site, sealed and ready to install with a performance warranty (15 years for Stain-Proof Premium Impregnating Sealer and 5 years for Stain-Proof Colour Enhancing Sealer).


How much does pre-sealed stone cost?

We charge per m2 depending on the sealing product you choose.

ItemPrice per m2 (inc VAT)
Premium impregnating sealerColour-enhancing sealer
Special items (eg. steps, setts & copings)£32.35£37.75

Prices includes a performance warranty. Call us for help or send us your requirements using our online form.

Frequently asked questions

Is pre-sealing recommended for all types of natural stone?

All natural stone has variation in porosity and has a chance of staining from oils, grease, dirt and its natural surroundings. Some types of natural stone are more prone to staining and weathering than others. We highly recommend pre-sealing the following natural stone:

Sealing these stones will give them the best possible protection against moss and mould growth, weathering, traffic wear, efflorescence, picture framing, salt attack and freeze-thaw attack.

Using a sealant or colour-enhancer can protect against stains and enhance the colour for Asian Blue Limestone and Natural Sandstone. And although it’s not necessary to protect the stone itself, using a colour-enhancer will slow fading and enhance the appearance of Black Limestone and Andhra Grey Limestone.

Can’t I just do it myself?

You can pre-seal your stone yourself, and we offer sealants like Stain-Proof Premium-Impregnating Sealer that you can use at home. The disadvantages of doing this are that you are dependent on dry weather and the stone needs to be completely dry before installation. This can hold up progress on landscaping projects and means that the best time to install is after a warm dry spell in the spring or summer.

Are there cheaper products than Stain-Proof?

We have chosen to use Stain-Proof products for our pre-sealing service because their sealers are different in two important ways. Firstly, Stain-Proof sealers penetrate deeply into the stone. Secondly, they make a permanent chemical bond with particles inside the capillary pores below the surface, yet they still allow moisture to evaporate. Our service also gives you a performance warranty.

How long will it take to seal my stone?

You should generally allow around 2 weeks for your stone to be pre-sealed, though in many cases we may be able to do it quicker than this. Please ask your sales advisor when you order.

Do I need to seal porcelain paving?

No. Kebur’s porcelain paving has a very low water absorption rate (less than 0.05%) so it doesn’t need to be sealed.

Will my stone look different?

Your stone will tend to look slightly darker when sealed and it will not then darken when wet. Colour Enhancing sealer can also bring out the natural colour variation in the stone and show details like veining more clearly.

Why are there marks on the surface of my sealed stone?

Sealing a surface with a Dry-Treat Stain Proof Premium Impregnating Sealer will make the surface water and oil-based stain-resistant, but not dirt resistant. The sealed surface should be cleaned as regularly as a non-sealed surface. If a problematic substance such as sticky tree gum falls on the surface, it will still be difficult to clean off. However it shouldn’t permanently stain the surface.

Sealed stone can still scratch and darker coloured stones will show up scratch and scuff marks more than lighter ones.

What does the warranty cover?

If an area of porous building materials is prepared and sealed by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator who holds a current license, you will qualify for a written warranty. The warranty is between Dry-Treat Stain-Proof and the property owner, and states that if the sealed surface is properly maintained but fails then it will be re-sealed free of charge. A failure is a treated surface that does not repel water and/or stains from a non-acidic non-solvent based liquid when compared to an untreated surface.

How should I lay sealed natural stone?

Once we deliver your pre-sealed natural stone, the items will be ready to install. The sealing doesn’t change the way the paving should be laid.

If using a landscaper, let them know you have pre-sealed the stone so they don’t try and seal again after the installation.

You may want to buy a small amount of extra sealant so you or your landscaper can apply it over the top of the joints or exposed cuts after installation.

What cleaner should I use on my sealed stone?

We recommend a general purpose cleaner such as Stain Proof Alkaline Cleaner for dirt and grime as needed, perhaps once or twice a year. Careful jet washing won’t affect your warranty. Make sure you leave the stone for a month after sealing before jet washing though to allow the sealant to cure properly.

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