Kebur Porcelain Quartz Steel Cladding

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  Kebur Garden Materials     400 x 160 x 8-12mm (approx. 15 tiles/ sq mtr) Steel grey colour

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Kebur Porcelain Quartz Cladding is a stunning option to enhance any wall either inside or out.

Tiles are 400 x 160 x 8-12mm (15 pieces per sq mtr)

Simply fix to the wall with Tile Adhesive and grout fill the gaps.

Porcelain Quartz Cladding tiles are frost resistant and feature substantial shading variation. Porcelain cladding is also resistant to stains and chemicals, easy to clean and colour stable.

How to install porcelain cladding

  1. Before laying at the site, check the shade, size, and choice of material
  2. When laying, always use tiles from several boxes to obtain the ideal colour mix
  3. Check the product for any obvious flaws before laying, which would not be covered by the guarantee if pointed out after laying
  4. Use adhesives which are suitable for the various types of use, and follow the instructions on the packaging
  5. Grout-line size can vary according to the format of the tiles, in order to maintain the preferred laying modules. A minimum 2-3mm grout joint is recommended.
  6. When laying it is not recommended to stagger tiles by more than 6-10cm (2”-4”).
  7. Ensure the top of walls are capped to prevent the ingress of water behind the tiles.

How to maintain porcelain cladding

For routine maintenance, we suggest a few days after installation, to clean thoroughly by using water solutions and buffered acids in order to dissolve and completely remove any construction debris.

It is also important to rinse well until the wash water turns out clean, to prevent stains caused by improper or late removal of the grouting used on the joints.

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