The power of outdoors

The power of outdoors

With National Gardening Week in full swing, it’s great to see so many activities celebrating our outdoor spaces. We are hearing more than ever about the power of green space and gardens to improve our social, physical and mental wellbeing. School gardening projects have been shown to boost confidence and creativity, and to break down social barriers for children with learning and/or behavioural difficulties. Studies also show that stress levels and mood are directly related to the amount of green space in people’s area. And for those with stress and depression, garden-oriented rehab programmes have been shown to significantly reduce the number of GP visits. Gardening is not only great for boosting endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel good’ hormone, the physical activity means it burns the calories too. No wonder then that doctors are starting to recognise ‘horticultural therapy’ as an effective prescription. As you might expect, we at Kebur are passionate about helping people benefit from gardens and nature, so it has been a great privilege to help some recent local projects to do just this. This March, we donated materials for a forest school canopy at St Peter’s Primary School in Farnham. The canopy allows children from across the school to benefit from learning outdoors in a natural environment whatever the weather. Last month, we were impressed with the number and range of nominations for the Kebur Community Challenge, our annual competition, in conjunction with Eagle Radio, for £2000 worth of materials. It has been great to see local groups wanting to improve their green spaces for so many reasons; for healthy eating, play and risk-taking, contemplation...

Keburs new display areas

If you follow Kebur on social media you may have noticed some changes going on. After the new year Kebur decided it was time to update our show areas with our new products. The first area we decided to update was outside the front of the old pub. This area now features our Trade packs, this natural stone area includes sandstone, slate and limestone. The stairway up to our landscaping office is made using our sandstone steps we get in direct from India. We have create layouts which are available in the main office so you can identify which stone is which.   As well as the display area out the front we have also had our team re do the shed area. This area is full of brand new products. Most are from Keburs Contempo Range, we used our Sinai Pearl and Asian Blue Limestone, natural granite and honed and elite sandstone as well as our stunning black basalt. We have also included some of Bradstone’s products, their porcelain mode and smooth sandstone collection. Our knowledgeable staff are happy to show customers around and help pick paving that is perfect for you.   As well as the paving in this area we have also got some new display shed in from TGB, our bespoke sheds can come in many different sizes and styles.   For any further questions please call us on 01252 517571 or email us on

GftK Vdw 850

Kebur has just released its new YouTube video. This video is a brief demonstration on how to use our Gftk Vdw. In the video our landscapers use the Stone grey but it also comes in the colour ‘Stone’. Its so easy to use and takes no time...