Easy projects for your lockdown garden

Easy projects for your lockdown garden

Follow Share Share Tweet Email PrintWith no end to lockdown in sight, it’s no wonder there has been a surge of interest in starting a garden, whether in part of your plot or an empty shoebox. Our friends at the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust set out three easy steps to get you growing, even if you have little more than seeds and compost to hand… 1. Choose what to plant Watching things grow can give us something to look forward to and pleasure in the process. Planning itself is a great activity with lots of plant pictures online to help you choose. If you buy seeds instead of seedlings, you’ll have more varieties to choose from. These should be easy to find online, as is compost. Check what’s best to plant at this time of year and start with things that are easy to grow: marigolds, nasturtiums and zinnias are brightly coloured and fun for children. Though magically beautiful, ignore tricky Himalayan blue poppies and opt for the less fussy ladybird variety instead. Beans, cucumbers, radish, salad leaves and tomatoes are all reliable for beginners: they germinate easily and you will soon be enjoying the fruits of your labours. 2. Prepare your containers If you’re short of pots, don’t worry; you can cut down on waste by re-using materials you already have.  Plenty of packaging can easily be repurposed to start off your seedlings. The flat side of egg boxes is ideal for sowing fine seed: bigger seeds, such as zinnias, could be started off in the individual compartments. Yoghurt pots are ideal for developing plants which have been...

Coronavirus update

Follow Share Share Tweet Email Print Update 13/05/20 We’re very sorry, our Landscape Centre remains closed to visiting trade and retail customers for now, so we can focus on delivering to our customers as safely and efficiently as possible. To order a delivery, please call us between 8am-3pm Monday to Friday. Place telephone order Update 23/04/20 Please note that due to high demand and our reduced staffing, you may have to wait 2-3 weeks for a delivery. Thank you for your patience. Update 14/04/20 Telephone orders and deliveries only We’d like to thank our customers unreservedly for their tremendous support over the last few weeks whilst we temporarily ceased trading to reduce pressure on the NHS and protect lives by staying at home. Our over-riding priority throughout the Covid-19 crisis has been to protect our staff and customers. We also know how important gardens are to our wellbeing, especially during such uncertainty and at this particular time of year. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve been working hard to make some careful changes to our operations so we can supply garden materials safely once again. Please bear in mind some of our suppliers are currently closed, so we may not have everything you are looking for. Our Landscape Centre remains closed to customers for now, so please don’t try and visit us. We’re really sorry we’ve also had to temporarily suspend all website orders. From Tuesday 14 April, we’ll be offering a limited contactless delivery service. You’ll be able to order over the phone Monday to Friday 8am-3pm*. Our safety arrangements include: Contactless deliveries No sharing of vehicles New...
The power of outdoors

The power of outdoors

Follow Share Share Tweet Email PrintWith National Gardening Week in full swing, it’s great to see so many activities celebrating our outdoor spaces. We are hearing more than ever about the power of green space and gardens to improve our social, physical and mental wellbeing. School gardening projects have been shown to boost confidence and creativity, and to break down social barriers for children with learning and/or behavioural difficulties. Studies also show that stress levels and mood are directly related to the amount of green space in people’s area. And for those with stress and depression, garden-oriented rehab programmes have been shown to significantly reduce the number of GP visits. Gardening is not only great for boosting endorphins, the body’s natural ‘feel good’ hormone, the physical activity means it burns the calories too. No wonder then that doctors are starting to recognise ‘horticultural therapy’ as an effective prescription. As you might expect, we at Kebur are passionate about helping people benefit from gardens and nature, so it has been a great privilege to help some recent local projects to do just this. This March, we donated materials for a forest school canopy at St Peter’s Primary School in Farnham. The canopy allows children from across the school to benefit from learning outdoors in a natural environment whatever the weather. Last month, we were impressed with the number and range of nominations for the Kebur Community Challenge, our annual competition, in conjunction with Eagle Radio, for £2000 worth of materials. It has been great to see local groups wanting to improve their green spaces for so many reasons; for healthy...

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