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    1 litre bottle Concentrate makes up to 16 litres



The EASY solution to remove algae, mould and light infestations of lichen. EASY Algae Remover is a professional strength product. The easy to use formula can be used on paths, patios, decking, walls, fences, roofs, garden furniture, statues and memorials. The concentrate form makes over 16 litres of product, cleaning up to 80sq metres – meaning less packaging, less space and better performance. All this adds up to better value. The product does not contain solvents, acids or caustic soda and is used by professionals. The active ingredients will continue working for up to 12 months after application. In fact, 2 or 3 weeks after initial use, your surface is cleaner than when it was first applied.


  • Brush away leaves and debris before applying

  • shake well before use

  • Do not apply if rain is expected within 4 hours

  • Add 1 measure to 1 ltr of clean water and mix thoroughly

  • Apply with a spray, watering can or brush at a coverage rate appropriate to the level of contamination (see bottle)

  • Ensure heavy growth areas are saturated

  • Results start to show in 24 hours and continues to work for 12 months

  • Use within recommended temperature range and keep away from plants as well as animals and pets until dry
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