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  Everbuild   5 litres



Plasticiser for brick and block laying.

  • Improves workability

  • Easier and Faster Mortar Spread

5 litre bottle

Febmix Admix is a liquid, air entraining mortar plasticiser that replaces lime or supplements in the mix and reduces the amount of water required to achieve the desired workability, thus reducing the possibility of shrinkage, which can result in cracking and crazing. Minute bubbles of air entrained in the hardened mortar provide space for the expansion of water when freezing occurs without disturbance to the body of the mortar. FEBMIX ADMIX – THE ORIGINAL is recommended in all mortars – whenever a more plastic and easily manageable mortar is required.

Typical uses: FEBMIX ADMIX – THE ORIGINAL is an admixture for mortars that improves the workability of bricklaying and plastering mortars and significantly increases their resistance to freeze/thaw cycles.

Features and benefits

  • Mix remains plastic for longer.

  • Reduces bleed and segregation of mortar.

  • Helps to reduce efflorescence.

  • Easier and faster to spread mortar.

  • Economical: cuts labour costs; less material used; less waste; cleaner and safer than lime.

  • Improved frost resistance.

  • Reduces shrinkage: cracking and crazing minimised.

  • Improved weather resistance and durability.


FEBMIX ADMIX – THE ORIGINAL may either be pre-mixed with gauging water in a storage tank or introduced into the mixing drum at the same time as the water. When mortar is mixed by hand it should be well turned over to achieve maximum plasticity.


FEBMIX ADMIX – THE ORIGINAL is added at the rate of approx 125-250 ml per 50 Kg of cement. Always use the type of sand recommended for a particular application. Test mixes should be carried out to determine optimum dosage.


FEBMIX ADMIX – THE ORIGINAL can be used with other admixtures provided these are added separately to the mix. It can be used for all types of Portland cement, including Sulphate Resisting. It can also be used in lime/sand mortars as a further precaution against frost.


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