Fuga-pave Flex CH Grout


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5kg tubs. Five colours.



Fuga-Pave Flex CH Grout is a cement-based non-permeable flexible paving and patio grout. Suitable for internal and external use, and with porcelain and natural stone. Fuga-Pave Flex CH Grout is available in five different colours: Anthracite, Jasmine, Light Grey, Limestone and Mid-Grey and supplied in 5kg re-useable buckets, handy for mixing the material.

  • Grout joints from 2mm to 20mm wide

  • Revolutionary hybrid cement formula

  • Environmentally friendly (requires less cement than traditional methods)*

  • Easy to apply and clean off the surface of paving

  • Zero efflorescence

  • Long-lasting, easy to clean and maintain

  • The naturally anti-bacterial allows easy cleaning

  • UV colourfast

  • The cement hybrid formula gives the product longevity and durability

*As it is a 7 to 1 mix, the system uses less cement in the mix then traditional methods which are generally 4 to 1. To make cement it is a very carbon intensive process, so less cement in the mix means less cement will need to be produced to create a Fuga-Pave installation.


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