ACO Raindrain Channels & Corners

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ACO Raindrain are manufactured from recycled polymer concrete material, they are a lightweight design which interlock with one another. Suitable for block paving, driveways and pedestrian areas. The channels are 1m long, 118mm wide and 97mm deep overall. Internal width is 87mm. There is a knock-out for connection to 110mm pipe. The channels are profiled to improve speed of water. The ends have a sealant groove for watertight installation.

A 15 Load Class Rating – Pedestrian, cycleways, minimally trafficked areas (light domestic vehicles only)

Hexdrain End caps can be used with these channels, select end caps from the drop down menu on this page to add to your basket.

Corner units also available:

  • 120mm (length) x 135mm (overall width) x 156mm (overall depth)

  • Galvanised steel grating

  • Grating is easy to lift for access and inspections

  • Male and female connection to connect to ACO RainDrain channels

  • Knock out bottom outlet to connect to ø110mm pipe work

  • Four knock out sides for connecting to channels


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