Square to Round Recessed Manhole Covers

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300mm or 450mm

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Recessed manhole covers that will fit above polypropylene inspection chambers (PPIC’s). Square to round recessed manhole covers make slabbing up to the cover a breeze as slabs can be cut to suit the profile of the frame whilst the circular opening with it’s universal PPIC positioning spigot locates directly onto the chamber dramatically reducing installation times.

Sizes & Options:

300mm or 450mm diameters; both types have a 10 tonnes G.L.V.W when filled.

Recessed Square to Round 300mm:
Suits 300mm diameter mini chamber. Depth of 80mm and an infill of up to 60mm. Galvanised steel frame and lid. Requires keys to lift.

Recessed Square to Round 450mm:
Suits 450mm diameter chamber. Depth of 118mm and an infill of up to 65mm. Polypropylene frame and galvanised steel lid. Built in secure lifting keys discreetly hidden by black polypropylene protective caps

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300mm, 450mm


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