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1 x 1 x 0.4m soakaway crate with a 40 tone load rating.

A soakaway crate or attenuation cell stores water and gradually releases it into the groundwater system. Water from the surface is quickly delivered to the crate which releases as much of it into the ground as it can take before holding it until it is ready to absorb more.

Product Features:

  • Can be used for water storage and for attenuation to prevent flooding.

  • Helps prevent peak flows to main drainage and purification systems

  • Rainwater is cleaned by Geotextile surround

  • Decreases flood threat

  • Promotes the balance in the groundwater position

  • Decreases environment problems caused by development

  • Easily installed

  • Crates are 1m x 1m x 0.4m (require 2.5 per cubic metre). Void ratio of 95%

  • Compressive strength is 200+KN/m^2
This soakaway crate has a high void ratio and a load bearing suitable for domestic application. They can be be laid side by side or if neccessary on top of each other and to calculate the size (volume) of soakaway the general formula is: Area to be drained (m²) x (50 ÷ 3000) Example: 40m² x (50 ÷ 3000) = 0.66m³ So for this, two crates (0.8m³) would be required.
Brief installation instructions:

  • A soakaway may well not be suitable if there is heavy clay or granite rocks etc and must be located lower to than the area to be drained.

  • The crate needs to be located at least five metres away from any building and half a metre above the water table.

  • Dig the hole to required length, depth and width allowing enough working room around all sides. Ensure the base is smooth/level.

  • Lay a level 100mm of clean gravel/shingle (non-limestone)

  • Lay membrane, lower and wrap the cells. Cells can be clipped together. If just one or two cells are being used they can be wrapped at ground level and lowered into the hole. Check membrane is in sound condition.

  • Insert the pipe into the correct socket position and once linked ensure the cells are completely and securely wrapped in the membrane.

  • Backfill around the cells with 10mm clean gravel and cover the top with a layer of a minumim of 75mm.

  • For landscaping non-trafficked areas the as-dug material can then be infilled on top. For highway projects Type 1 or 2 sub-base is required.

  • Complete the landscaping: turf/patio/driveway over the top.

We strongly recommend that you fully research for full site survey and installation instructions.  



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