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  20kg, Buff



Sika Setting Sand is a narrow joint filler. Faster than traditional methods, Sika Setting Sand can be simply poured or swept into joints before being saturated with water giving perfect pointing for all types of block paving. Once cured it will not wash out, shrink or crack over time.

  • For narrow joints 2mm-5mm wide (minimum 25mm deep)

  • For pointing of all types of block paving – drives, paths, patios etc

  • Ease of use – just brush in and water

  • Faster than traditional pointing methods

  • Dries hard but flexible

  • Won’t wash out once cured

  • Resists weed growth and ant infestation

Buff colour, 20kg

It is recommended you test a small area first. Joints must be dry, free from dirt, debris or weeds. Dry mix the contents by raking through to ensure all the material is loose. Pour/sweep material into the joints making sure each joint is completely filled and the material compacted by tapping the joint. Thoroughly soak the joints with a hose pipe set to spray or a watering can fitted with a rose. The Sika Setting Sand finished surface is safe to be walked upon immediately after activation but ideally should be let to dry. Drying will take 1-2 days, but full curing may take up to 28 days (depending on weather conditions). Leave a minimum on 28 days before pressure washing.

Sika Setting Sand will weather naturally in line with the paving
Do not apply at temperatures at below 5ºC and falling
Not suitable in areas that will be immersed in standing water for a prolonged period of time 


Weight20 kg

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