Patio Black Spot Remover and Preventer

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Patio Black Spot Removal       2 or 4 litre tubs Natural Stone, Artificial Stone, Block Paving 2.5 litre tubs of Preventer Superb Results



Are black spots ruining the look of your once pristine patio? Wondering how they got there and what will get rid of them? Try Patio Black Spot Remover.

Patio Black Spot Remover will completely restore the natural colour of the stone, removing all organic growth including black spots, white spots and green algae.

Black spots are stubborn and even hours of pressure washing will not remove them. The more you pressure wash, the more you damage the surface of your stonework leaving it porous and susceptible to frost damage. Patio Black Spot Remover will remove the black spots, and Patio Black Spot Preventer will control and prevent their return. There are specific Patio Black Spot Remover formulas for natural stone, artificial stone and block paving. All are available in either 2 or 4 litre bottles. There is also a 2.5 litre bottle of preventer that can be applied annually maintain the condition.

Patio Black Spot Remover for Natural Stone

Patio Black Spot Remover is currently the only product developed specifically to remove those hideous ‘black spots’ and restore the natural colour to your garden stonework. This product will remove ‘black spots’ from Indian Sandstone, York Stone, Limestone (including Bath and Portland Stone), Purbeck stone and all other types of natural paving. Patio Black Spot Remover will remove all types of organic growth including green algae and white fungi growth. It gently cleans the stone whilst reviving and enhancing the natural colours, giving that ‘just laid’ look to your terrace, paths and patios. 


How to use
1. Use neat – DO NOT DILUTE – Pour into a pneumatic garden sprayer (a ‘Hozelock’ 5L or 7L sprayer is recommended. Do not use a hand sprayer). Pressurise the sprayer.
2. Apply the product to a dry surface, as a fine mist and saturate the surface.
3. If you have not used the product before, treat just one slab first. The older the stone, the more treatments it will require. The product will remove every single last spot. By completing one slab first, this will give you an indication of how many treatments your stone will require. Only when you have removed all the black spots from the first slab, continue with the rest of the area.
5. Once applied, allow to cure for a period of 2 hours.
6. Remove using a pressure washer, ideally with a minimum flow of 7 litres per minute. Use the fan jet attachment to sweep the dirt away. Other attachments such as circular spinning attachments will not give you the best results.
7. Any black spots that remain, simply retreat (when the surface is dry), allow to cure for 1 hour then wash off.
8. Repeat this process until no black spots remain.
9. Apply the Patio Black Spot Preventer 12 months later. Do not seal the patio.

Exceeding the recommended coverage rate will reduce the performance of this product. Coverage will vary depending on surface porosity and profile, e.g when treating sloping areas or riven surface, beware of surface run off and retreat as necessary to ensure correct coverage. The Patio Black Spot Remover is quickly and readily biodegradable. The effluent, if washed into soil, flower beds or lawn, will breakdown rapidly. This product will not affect surrounding lawns or foliage in diluted state. Keep animals and unprotected persons off the treated area until dry.

The Preventer

To maintain your garden stonework and stop black spots returning, apply Patio Black Spot Preventer annually. This will kill any spores before they have the chance to germinate and will also remove green algae without the need to power wash.

Patio Black Spot Remover for Artificial Stone

For use on manufactured slabs such as Bradstone and Thakeham, including, all cement-based, precast concrete patio slabs. Patio Black Spot Remover for Artificial Stone is also suitable for concrete, porcelain, and resin driveways.

Patio Black Spot Remover for Block Paving
Patio Black Spot Remover is a one-off treatment that will successfully remove both the black spots and the white spots that ruin the appearance of your block paving, patios and pathways.

Patio Black Spot Preventer
Put a stop to black spots with the preventer, supplied in 2.5 litre tubs. Covers 50m2 once diluted.
• For use on all types of stone
• Targets the black lichen spores, removing them before they can germinate, avoiding the use of harmful and impractical pesticides
• Also removes green and red algae that grows on garden paths, patios and other decorative stonework during the winter period
• Can be used with a simple pneumatic garden sprayer
• Removes the need for power washing
• Offers complete protection when used annually

1 – Apply on a dry day, when rain is not forecast for 48 hours.
2 – To treat 20m2, fill a 5-7 litre pneumatic garden sprayer with 3 litres of water. Add 1 litre of Patio Black Spot Preventer. You should now have 4 litres of product in your sprayer. Always add the Preventer to the water to prevent bubbling when mixing.
3 – Apply ALL the product to an area no larger than 20m2 (4×5 metres). Saturate the surface.
4 – Repeat stages 2 & 3 for areas larger than 20m2
5 – Allow to dry out – DO NOT WASH OFF
If green algae appears in shaded or north-facing areas during the 12 months after applying the Preventer, simply re-treat those areas when required, making slippery areas safe again.

Questions about patio black spots

What are the black spots?
The patio black spots that grow on your garden stonework are actually spots of black lichen. The spores from the black lichen start life as tiny dust-like spores growing on the underside of leaves on trees and plants. These spores are carried, by the wind and the rain, onto your stonework in their millions. Once they have landed, the spores have a 2 year germination period which means, for the first 2 years of having the patio laid it would have still looked really clean without a spot in sight! However, on the third year the colour in the stone would dull and it would look like someone has flicked ink across your stonework leaving tiny ink splatters. The reason why they grow on your garden stonework is because they feed off the minerals within the stone. Once they have exhausted an area of the stone of all the minerals they grow in search of more, not only across the stone (which gives it its spot like appearance), but also down into the stone effectively rooting itself down into the pores of the stone growing at about 2mm a year. Encouraged by warm, damp conditions, these unsightly spots will only get worse if left untreated, ruining the original beauty of your garden stonework.

How will I know if my patio has black spots?
Oh you’ll know! Black spots are incredibly resilient and can’t be removed with a pressure washer. So, if you’ve tried washing your stonework and the spots remain, then there’s your answer.

How can you get rid of black spots?
Patio Black Spot Remover has been specifically developed to remove black spots. It’s not your standard patio cleaner found in the garden centre; it removes patio black spots and restores the natural colour into the stone leaving you with a patio to be proud of.

Will they stay gone?
They will if you use Patio Black Spot Preventer annually. Using Patio Black Spot Remover followed by a thorough jet washing is enough to remove the spots in the first instance. After that, all you’ll need to do is top it up with an annual dose of the Preventer for great results that last a lifetime.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Patio Black Spot Remover and Preventer

Reviews (5)

  1. Janet B.

    It did improve the patio but did not get rid of the black spot altogether

  2. Belinda

    My 13 year old Indian sandstone patio is now looking as good as new – the results were even better than expected!

  3. Das NutNock

    Definitely works, but very pricey. This 2 litre container barely covered the recommended area, though I suppose that could have been my technique. Will be buying more when I can afford it, but definitely sorted out the spots on our sandstone patio.

  4. Brian Fretwell

    The Black Spot on my marble slabs was very unsightly. However, I used Black Spot Remover 3 years ago to kill the spores. I have then used Black Spot Preventer since to prevent them from returning with an annual application in the Spring. You do need to follow the instructions carefully to kill and prevent the spores that cause the Black Spot and you will always get odd small areas that need a second application, but this product does the job it says it will do.

  5. Linda Hall

    I havnt used thisyet but hopefully it will work just fine

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