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  5 litres



Power through patio black spots, lichen, moss and stains using the easy application formula of Liquid Science Black Spot Remover. The deep cleaning solution works on a wide range of outdoor surfaces to lift and clean, keeping your patio, garden, path and driveway looking their best all year round. 5 litre tub, deep cleans up to 25 square metres. Works fast on all kinds of brick, stone and concrete.

How to use

  1. Ready to use formulation. Apply the solution neat, using a plastic watering can or sprayable equipment, directly to the surface to be treated

  2. Leave to soak in for 2-4 hours. Product will begin to fizz as it gets to work.

  3. When sufficient time has been allowed for the product to work, rinse off the area thoroughly. For best results use a pressure washer.

  4. Repeat as necessary for badly affected areas.

  5. Always test in a small inconspicuous area before using to ensure it is suitable and desired effect is achieved.
Ensure that the area to be treated is cleared of garden furniture and other items so that they are not in accidental contact with the product. Ensure that all loose dirt and other physical debris is removed first by brushing before you apply. The product can be applied to slightly damp surfaces or dry surfaces. Do not apply to surfaces where they are saturated from recent rainfall or if rain is due within the time period required to treat the surface.


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