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  20kg Neutral (Buff), Grey, Dark Grey



Joint-It Simple is a ready mixed permeable paving jointing compound that can be applied in all weathers.

Joint-It Simple can be applied to concrete paving, cobbles and natural stones including – sandstone, granite, limestone, slate, concrete slabs, yorkstone and porcelain tiles.

Available in three paving-friendly colours and supplied in a 20kg tub.






  1. Make sure all joints are clear of any dirt, oil, grease and debris. Make sure all joints are cleaned out to a minimum depth of 20mm and a width of at least 3mm
  2. Soak the area well prior to opening and spreading Joint-It Simple
  3. Open the tub and immediately pour Joint-It-Simple onto the area
  4. Using a squeegee or street broom, spread Joint-It-Simple evenly. Work it in so that it goes deeply into the joints and is well compacted
  5. Add more water sparingly to help Joint-It-Simple flow into the paving joints. Work diagonally across the joints to make sure that Joint-It-Simple has penetrated all of the paving joints
  6. Clean the surface carefully with a fine-hair broom so that all Joint-It-Simple is removed. Always sweep diagonally across the joints. Any residual materials can be swept off after application using a soft broom


Application time – At 15 degrees, Joint-It-Simple will take approximately 30 minutes to apply. Lower temperatures will result in slower hardening and higher temperatures will result in quicker hardening.

Once opened – Joint-It-Simple must be used within four hours of opening the tub

Below 0 degrees – If the temperature is forecast to drop below 0 degrees within 12 hours of application, we recommend you postpone application until the weather is a bit warmer.

Ready-to-walk-on – Surface can be walked on approximately 24 hours after application at temperatures of approx. 20 degrees

Power washing – Keep pressure washers away from paving for at least 28 days after application. If you need to power-wash the area, keep the nozzle 30cm away from paving

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