Haemmerlin Original Wheelbarrow

£68.95Including VAT





The Haemmerlin Original Wheelbarrow is a quality and popular selling 90 litre wheelbarrow. This is the evolution of the first Green wheelbarrow that Haemmerlin introduced to the UK nearly three decades ago. You cannot go wrong with this wheelbarrow!

The Haemmerlin Original Wheelbarrow comes with a 90 litre Green epoxy powder coated tray with a “European” pan style design. The tray is strong with side ribs for additional strength plus double shifted edges for extra robustness and safety reasons.

Equipped with the Integral frame, a strong rigid one piece tubular frame made out of thick steel with a tipping bar for easy unloading. The front tray supports strengthen the chassis of the wheelbarrow.

The Bi-material handle grips give a comfortable feeling and are slip resistant.

Supplied with a puncture free wheel for added durability.


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