GftK vdw 850 Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar

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GftK vdw 850 Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar is high performing and hard wearing, suitable for natural stone, reconstituted stone and concrete block paved surfaces on driveways, roads and other trafficked paved areas, including those used by delivery vehicles etc.

vdw850 is a two part jointing compound in which a liquid hardener is added to a resin coated aggregate.

Tubs are 25kg and available in two colours; sand and stone grey.

• Fast, durable, cost effective
• Easily flow applied
• Low temperature application (min. +3°C/+37,4°F)
• Can be applied in the rain
• Self-compacting
• Clean, stain free surfaces
• Water permeable
• Optimum strength correlation
• Mechanical sweeper resistant
• Excellent abrasion resistance
• Frost and de-icing salt resistant
• No weeds or boring insects
• Environmentally friendly
• Also ideal for paving refurbishment


Vdw 850/815 application.

We recommend that 2-3 people carry out the pointing to ensure you keep the area nice and wet and sweep the mortar into the paving joints and remove excess.

Fully saturate the area to be grouted prior to the application of the vdw 850/815.

Pre-mix the base component of the material ( epoxy coated sand ).

Add the bottle of resin hardener and mix for a minimum time of 3 minutes.

Pour and apply the mixed material onto the pre-saturated area using a rubber squeegee, whilst lightly spaying with water from a hose onto the material ( the area must be kept constantly wet during the application ).


After about 5 minutes ( immediately in higher temperatures ) remove any excess mortar residue by spraying lightly with water from a hose, at a distance of 25cm.

Brushing off.

After a few minutes remove any excess mortar residue from the area, using a clean damp soft coconut brush ( clean the brush frequently with water ).

Protect the area for a minimum period of 24hrs, or until the mortar joints are no longer tacky.

A thin layer of resin can remain on the paved surfaces if they are not rinsed and cleaned thoroughly, if such a film is left, it is not a defect and will disappear after a period of time due to normal weathering and traffic exposure.

VDW850 Full Instructions & Coverage (pdf)

vdw 850 is the ‘stat-of-the-Art’ high performance and extremely durable, self compacting, epoxy bound paving jointing mortar for pedestrian, light and medium vehicular traffic loads, including larger vehicles and mechanical road sweepers, cleaning with high pressure water jetting etc, etc.

vdw 850 Paving Joint Mortar / Grout is designed for extremely fast self compacting aplication, with no delays (and no additional costs!), or waiting for the weather, even in continuously wet weather and at colder temperatures. This is because the material can be applied in the wet, even in the rain – and in cold (non-freezing) conditions, when vdw 850 can still be applied as it will continue to cure when the temperature increases again above 8-10 degrees C.

A big advanyage of vdw 850 on UK paving projects is that its performance is not reduced by residual water and damp in the joints when it is applied – unlike any form of traditional or prepacked cement based joint mortar which will shrink and then crack due to the change in water to cement ration – vdw 850 does not shrink due to its unique water dispersed epoxy resin bound sand formulation.

vdw 850 is non staining, it is superb at preventing weed growth or damage by boring insects. It is also fully resistant to de-icing salts and freeze-thaw conditions.

Quite simply the best paving jointing mortar on the market and the clear global paving joint technology leader!

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Natural, Stone Grey


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