GftK vdw 815 Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar

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Sand or Stone Grey

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GftK vdw 815 Epoxy Paving Joint Mortar for larger format paving (generally means more than 400mm x 400mm) with narrow joints and light to medium traffic loads such as on domestic and commercial patios and terraces or retail/ shopping areas for example.

GftK’s vdw 815 Paving joint mortar consists of epoxy resin coated and bound sand that is mixed with a special reactive hardener to produce a free-flowing and self-compacting paving joint mortar that is wet-slurry applied with lots of additional water for high performance and extremely durable pointing / grouting in narrow joints (> 3 mm). It is designed for use with larger format natural stone paving, together with good quality reconstituted stone and concrete flags / slabs.

vdw 815 is suitable for light to medium traffic loads, such as on domestic and commercial patios, terraces, pathways and domestic driveways etc. This advanced paving joint technology is fast and extremely easy to apply as a self-compacting wet-slurry that is applied on to pre-wetted damp / wet surfaces – So there is also no waiting for the surfaces to dry or even the rain to stop – it can be applied in the rain, and at lower temperatures (> +3°C/> 37.4°F) GftK’s vdw 815 provides highly durable stain free surfaces, even on sensitive natural stone such as Indian sandstone or coloured limestone’s, with finishes that are easy to clean, water permeable, abrasion resistant – even mechanical sweeper resistant, plus this jointing mortar is highly frost and de-icing salt resistant.

With GftK’s vdw 815 narrow paving joint mortar you get the optimum joint strength correlation (tensile – compressive – modulus, in a water dispersed and environmentally friendly product and finish.

Ideal for both paving professionals and competent DIY’ers.

10kg tub available in sand or stone grey colours.

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Sand, Stone Grey


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