Flat-Pro Twist-It System

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The Flat-Pro levelling Twist-It system is a quick and convenient way of achieving a level finish with consistent 4mm joint widths and is ideal for porcelain paving. The easy-to-use system consists of screw clips and twisters. Simply turning the twister onto the screw gets the job done and perfectly levels the tiles.


Starter Pack withe 150 Twisters + 150 4mm spacer Screw Clips

Pack of 100 Twisters

Pack of 100 4mm spacer Screw Clips

Pack of 250 4mm spacer Screw Clips



Insert threaded screw clips beneath each exposed tile edge, making sure there is direct contact between spacer post and tile with no adhesive or mortar in between. Position screw clips to suit tile size.

Install the adjacent tile tightly against the already inserted screw clips. Slide the tile back and forth or use a rubber mallet to bed the tile into the adhesive or mortar while releasing air trapped underneath.

Spin the twister on the screw clip and tighten to achieve a level surface across the joint. After the mortar is cured, unspin the twister and snap off spacers in the direction of the joint. Twisters can be re-used.



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