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Patio Wizard is a type of Moss, Mould and Algae treatment that kills all types of green growth without the need for any washing off, scrubbing or pressure washing. Totally non-hazardous to children and pets, once dry. The product is supplied as a concentrate in a 5 litre tub that dilutes with water to make 50 litres, which will cover approx. 300 sq mtrs depending on the level of soiling.

  • Use on stone, timber, bricks, roofs

  • Apply with watering can, sprayer, brush or brush

  • Long lasting and resists re-growth

Patio Wizard is ideal for removing green growth from surfaces prior to painting, staining, sealing or applying roof coatings.


  • Fast acting.

  • No need for washing or scrubbing after application.

  • Powerful fast acting formula.
Suitable for:

  • Paved areas such as patios and driveways

  • Block Paving, fencing, sheds and greenhouses

  • Perspex, polycarbonate panels and garden furniture.

  • Dilute only as directed.

  • Do not apply if rain is imminent (within 6 hours)

  • For use only as specified as a surface biocide.

  • On heavily soiled areas 2 applications may be required.


Dilute with water at a maximum rate of 1 Part EVERBUILD PATIO WIZARD® to 9 Parts water, mix briefly before applying. Apply by watering can with a rose sprayer, garden sprayer, paint brush or sweeping brush depending upon area to be treated. Whilst this product is designed to be safe to use on most ‘water safe’ surfaces we recommend that you test a small inconspicuous area if unsure. Apply at an approximate rate of 1 litre per 3 to 6m². N.B: ensure any debris such as leaves, twigs, loose soil or weeds are removed from surfaces to be treated prior to application. After applying simply leave for 1 to 3 days and the green growth will slowly disappear (in a similar manner to the way weed killers work). On heavily soiled surfaces a second application may be required.


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