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  Everbuild   5 litres



Everbuild Accelerator and Frostproofer is a liquid additive formulated to accelerate setting and hardening times of mortar, concretes, screeds and rendering to provide frost protection during the setting period. Effective even in sub-zero temperatures and can also be used in normal temperatures where a rapid set is required and as a plugging admixture. 5 litre bottle.


  • Faster finishing times even in cold weather.

  • Provides frost protection down to -8oC in wet mortar.

  • Chloride free non corrosive formula.

  • Optimises mould usage.
Areas for use

  • Mortars.

  • Floor screeds

  • External/Internal cement based rendering

  • Concrete (not structural)

  • Suitable for use as an emergency repair plugging aid when mixed neat with cement

  • Do not overdose.

  • Do not use weak mixes during cold weather.

  • Do not mix with other additives in same gauging water.

  • Dispose of this product and packaging correctly. Do not allow to enter watercourses.

  • It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt, please contact us for further advice.

Application Work should be carried out in accordance with the methods outlined in the Code of Practice BS5628 Part 3 for protection and use of mortars at low temperatures. All materials used must be free from ice and the temperature of the mix prior to placing must not be less than 4°C.

AS AN ACCELERATOR: Add to gauging water at an addition rate of 2.5 to 5 litres per 50kg cement depending on the degree of acceleration required. Note: remember to reduce required quantity of water accordingly.

AS A FROSTPROOFER: Add to gauging water at an addition rate of use 2.5ltrs/50kg cement for protection down to –4°C and 5ltrs/50kg cement for protection down to –8°C, again, reducing required quantity of water accordingly.

AS A PLUGGING AID: Mix neat with fresh cement and place immediately. NOTE: Concrete must be covered after placing until the minimum strength is obtained or until the temperature rises above freezing. Do not use with high alumina cement. Following is an indication of setting times at 20°C (use as a guide only)

UseMix DesignAddition Rate / 50kg Setting CementTime (Approx)
Plugging AidNeat Fresh OPC2-3mins
Concrete1:2:42.5Ltr 5Ltr7 Hours 2.5 Hours
Floor Screeds1:32.5Ltr 5Ltr6 Hours 2 Hours


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