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EASYSeal SSP is designed to penetrate, seal & protect natural stone & concrete paving. Virtually invisible once applied, it allows the stone to “breathe” whilst protecting paving from all manner of substances, such as cooking & engine oils, grease & fat, food, ketchup, mustard & beverages such as tea, coffee & wine. Ideal for protecting your paving against the excesses of the summer BBQ! Suitable for internal as well as external use, EASYSeal SSP is water-based, thereby making it highly environmentally friendly.

5 litres (coverage up to 40m2)

  • Penetrates, seals & protects natural stone & concrete paving

  • Virtually invisible

  • Allows the stone to “breathe”

  • Excellent oil & water repellent

  • Superb anti-stain properties

  • Resists many staining substance

  • Resists cooking & engine oil, grease & fat

  • Resists food & beverages including mustard, ketchup, most relishes, tea & coffee

  • Good anti-graffiti properties

  • Durable & long lasting

  • Resists general dirt & grime

  • Impedes moss & fungal growth

  • Pressure washer resistant

  • Environmentally friendly: 100% water based with no toxic substances

  • Can be used on damp surfaces

  • Suitable for internal & external use
How to use

  • Do not apply to non-porous materials. Do not apply to painted surfaces or those that have been previously treated with silicone sealants or other water repellent materials

  • Always test a small inconspicuous area before use to ensure surface compatibility, performance and finish is acceptable

  • EASYSeal SSP is best applied on a dry surface but can be used on damp (not wet) paving. Do not apply if there is standing water

  • Avoid applying if rain is predicted within 6 hours of application

  • Shake well before use

  • Ensure the paving is clean, sound and dry. Surfaces should be free from any mould or fungal growth, waxes or coatings

  • Do not apply when surface temperatures are below 5? or above 35?

  • Avoid foot traffic for 8+ hours after dry. Avoid vehicular traffic for 3 days

  • Protect from rain for 6 hours after surface is touch dry

  • Keep pets away until surface is fully dry


  1. Apply with a brush, roller or low pressure sprayer. Work well into the surface, particular on textured stone. Apply evenly but thoroughly and avoid “pooling”. If necessary, clear excess by mopping with a damp cloth

  2. Coverage will vary dramatically according to the porosity of the paving. Porous stone coverage could be as little as 3m2 per litre whereas more dense material can achieve 8 – 10m2 per litre

  3. One coat is often sufficient, but for best results, particularly with more porous stone, apply a second coat whilst the surface is still damp from the first coat – but certainly within 1 hour. In hot weather, the second coat will need applying virtually immediately

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