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A solvent free sealer and protector producing a low sheen finish in a single application EASYSeal CONTRACT has been specifically designed with the professional contractor in mind. It seals and protects all types of concrete including Block paving, Raw concrete, Paving slabs, Pattern Imprinted Concrete (PIC) and Garage floors. It penetrates deep into the substrate and delivers excellent oil and water repellent qualities, ensuring the surface is protected from a variety of staining substances. The hard wearing finish enhances the surface colour and extends the life of the substrate. Application is easy – simply apply to the surface with a roller. Applying additional coats increases the protection level and applies a greater sheen to the surface. 5 litres (coverage up to 50m2)

  • Particularly suitable for interlocking concrete & clay blocks

  • Reduces ant/insect nuisances

  • Reduces loss of sand by wind & rain (3 coats*)

  • Hard wearing, slip resistant coating

  • Impedes algae & lichen growth

  • Surface coating withstands sensible pressure washing & detergents

  • Excellent oil & water repellent

  • Stain resistant properties

  • Resists general dirt & grime

  • Suitable for internal & external use

  • Surface sealer & sand binder (3 coats*)

  • Solvent free sealer

*Note: EASYSeal Contract does contain a sand binder but ideally requires 3 coats to achieve this. If sand binding is essential to your project we recommend you use EASYSeal BCS.

How to use

Use neat as supplied

This product is not suitable if surfaces have been previously protected with a sealer. Remove old protective coatings using EASY Sealer Remover before applying this product

  • Shake container before use

  • Always test a small area before use to ensure compatibility and that the finished result is acceptable

  • Surface should be clean. Remove loose dirt, moss and other debris from the surface to be treated

  • Ensure surface is thoroughly dry before application

  • Do not apply in wet or frosty weather or when rain is imminent

  • Ideal ambient and surface operating temperature is between 10? and 20?. As a guide, ensure the surface of the stone is cool to touch. Do not apply in direct sunlight. In hot weather conditions, apply early in the morning before surface temperatures start to rise. Do not apply when the surface temperature is below 5?

  • Keep pets away until surface is fully dry

  • Do not pour EASYSeal Contract directly onto driveway. Use a long pile roller and tray, applying an even coat and avoid runs or puddles by removing excess product from the surface

  • For dense surfaces e.g. block paving, apply 1 coat only where a natural surface finish is required or 2 when a sheen finish is desired. For porous surfaces always apply 2 coats, the second coat within an hour of the first. If an even greater sheen is desired, then a third coat can be applied

  • Optimum performance is reached after 2-3 days. Allow product to cure overnight before subjecting to heavy use – increase this time in cold, damp conditions
IMPORTANT Do not use on non porous surfaces e.g. quarry tiles, engineering brick, polished or glazed surfaces Product Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlCb7uXxZdE


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