Cold Lay Macadam

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  25kg bag



Cold Lay Macadam 25kg


  • Driveway and footpath repairs. (not suitable for roads or car-parks)

  • Filling potholes

  • Repairing and widening footpaths and walkways

  • Creating temporary ramping


  • Ready to use, straight from the bag

  • No specialist tools or equipment needed

  • Suitable for base or wearing course

  • One bag will cover approximately 0.4m2 at 20mm when compacted


  • Simple to use, no previous experience required

  • Quick and easy solution to macadam repair

  • Cost effective

Installation information

After prolonged storage, you may need to expose the bag of Cold Lay Macadam to direct sunlight for 1-2 hours before you open, to loosen the material and make it easier to work with. Cold Lay Macadam becomes more workable in outside temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius. For a smooth surface finish, compact the surface fully by rolling or tamping. The time it will take to harden will depend on the degree of compaction and ambient temperature. The material may be prone to marking during early life and warm conditions. Consider using edging spray to improve adhesion for pothole repairs.


Weight25 kg

Reviews (2)

2 reviews for Cold Lay Macadam

Reviews (2)

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