ACO GroundGuard

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GroundGuard 588 x 385 x 38mm
Steel Nail 180mm




ACO GroundGuard is a lightweight ground reinforcement system ideal for grass or gravel stabilisation. This type of surface helps to reduce the risks of potholes, rutting or grass damage.

Manufactured from 100% recycled polyethylene, the system is exceptionally lightweight and strong, making installation quick and easy. ACO GroundGuard is suitable for a wide range of applications including paths, drives, parking areas, access routes and shed bases.

Correctly fitted, ACO GroundGuard has been certified to 250 tonnes per square metre, more than enough for almost any application.

Installed with shingle/chippings it helps prevent the migration of stones or installed with grass it can be driven on yet still mowed normally.

In addition, ACO GroundGuard is over 90% porous, reducing the rate of surface water run-off and saving cost on unnecessary drainage installation.

The grids interlock with clip-together fixings. Nails can be used for added stability and are recommended if using on a gradient up to 5%.

GroundGuards are 588 x 385 x 38mm and 4.42 tiles are required per square metre.

Steel GroundGuard Nails are 180mm long.



Ground Guard Installation








  • The depth of the compacted free draining aggregate will depend on local ground conditions but generally for grass application a depth of 100mm is suitable, with 80mm for gravel application.
  • It is optional to put a second layer of stabilisation fabric over the compacted free draining aggregate, as well as underneath it.
  • For grass installation, lay the groundguards on top of a 60mm bed of sand/soil mix. For gravel installation, lay the groundguards on top of a 40mm bed of gravel or sharp sand.
  • For grass installation fill the grounduards with soil and lawn seed. For gravel installation fill with gravel 6-14mm.



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GroundGuard, Steel Pin


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