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Caring for your landscape products

Always make sure you read the full product information on our website as all materials vary.

Our Kebur Product Guides will give you important information about specific landscape products and how to look after them.

Below are some more general tips on caring for your materials. If you’re unsure, do contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

How to clean paving

All paving needs some regular maintenance to keep it looking good. Certain types of paving and garden environments will mean it needs a little more attention. Porous paving like some sandstones (especially honed or smooth) in shadier areas will hold more moisture in, so need cleaning more often. Porcelain paving needs less cleaning as it is less porous. Applying a sealer to natural stone or block paving can also make cleaning easier.

Even for low maintenance choices like porcelain, regular cleaning is still a good idea to keep on top of every day marks left by vehicles, food, grease from barbeques and acidic animal droppings.

For all paving, the best option is to brush regularly to stop any loose dirt ingraining itself within the stone. Use a stiff brush with warm soapy water or an all-purpose non-acid based patio shampoo (always checking that it is suitable for your type of paving). Once you’ve thoroughly brushed the soap into the surface, rinse well with clean water until you have removed all soap, residue and dirt.

Jet wash with care. Avoid jet washing on a full nozzle spray on soft natural stones and be careful not to get too close to any joints. Light jet wash concrete, including driveway blocks, only occasionally if at all, to avoid damaging the surface of the paving.

Different paving products, particularly natural stone, have specific qualities that may require certain steps to be taken to keep it looking its best. Make sure you read the product guide for any Kebur Porcelain and Natural Stone you buy. And see our tips on how to care for your paving including how to prevent and treat specific issues.


How to clean block paving driveways

The best way to look after your block paved driveway is with regular cleaning using warm soapy water and a stiff brush as with other paving. Because concrete driveway blocks are porous, they are likely to absorb oil and grease stains quickly. You can treat stubborn oil stains using a specialist garden cleaner like Easy Grease and Oil Away. Using a sealant designed for driveway blocks can help prevent staining.

Take care not to disturb your jointing sand when you are cleaning. It can take a few weeks to harden after it has been laid and can be loosened over time by wet and windy weather. It is important to check joints regularly and top up sand to prevent damage to your driveway. Some sealants like Easy Seal BCS bind the sand between the driveway blocks. This helps to keep sand in the joints and prevents damage from weeds and insects.

When using garden cleaners and sealants, always seek professional advice and read the label.


How to clean clay paviours

Wienerberger clay pavers are resistant to chemicals and harsh cleaning fluids, so are best cleaned using biodegradable detergents. However, we don’t recommend that new paving is cleaned within the first three months.

You can use a pressure washer to clean clay paving, however we would not recommend this on a regular basis. The high pressure can disrupt the paving bed surface and jointing material, which can cause pavers to crack or come loose. Mechanical or high-water pressure cleansing operations will require re-sanding of the joints. We do not recommend that sealants are used on clay paving products, as any dirt or spills can be easily cleaned up. Oil will not penetrate the body of clay pavers, it will sit on the surface until it is washed away.

Triton Tumbled Clay pavers

How to clean decking

Decking can become stained if it is not cleaned regularly of leaves and other debris, especially if there are overhanging trees. Sweep and clean with a soft brush and warm soapy water. Both composite and timber decking can be hosed but jet wash with caution and always test a small area first.

Timber decking will last longer if you oil or seal it to prevent the wood from drying and cracking. Sealants like Easy Deck Protect also help to improve grip when the timber is wet. Regular cleaning also helps to prevent the timber from becoming slippy.

Specialist cleaners are available. Always seek professional advice and read the label.

How to clean artificial turf

Remove any debris from the artificial grass, particularly leaves and pet droppings, otherwise they will compost into the surface and allow moss to grow. Sweep regularly with a stiff brush and treat moss with a moss killer where necessary. Remove any weeds by hand or spot spray with weed-killer. Please note that artificial grass is a plastic material and can be subject to damage from heat sources such as barbeques and refracted rays from glass table tops. See full product guide for more details.


Garden with artificial turf

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