Steintec Tufftop Utility Jointing Mortar

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11kg tub
Four Colours

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Steintec Tufftop Utility Jointing Mortar is convenient and easy to use.

Requires just 2 litres of clean water added to the tub and mixed with a paddle mixer, to be ready to go.

Ease of use makes Tufftop Utility ideal for projects including driveways, pavements and patios. Tufftop Utility has been developed to make things as easy as possible for all users. Supplied in a reusable and recyclable tub.

The individual sachets in each tub ensure the correct amount of Tufftop Utility is used and wastage is minimised.

Mix the carefully measured contents of each sachet with exactly 1 litre of water.

Key Features

  • Self compacting jointing slurry mortar
  • For smaller commercial, domestic bound construction pavements, driveways and patios
  • Four colours available;  Natural Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, Beige
  • Suitable for using with sandstone, granite, slate, limestone, concrete and porcelain paving
  • Complies with BS 7533
  • Minimal maintenance required
  • Polymer and resin free.


  1. Prepare equipment
  2. Wash and wet paving
  3. Add 1 L of clean water per sachet to tub
  4. Add sachet to tub and mix
  5. Pour mortar over to wet paving
  6. Spread Tufftop Utility to fill joints
  7. Clean using a squeegee with water and / or a sponge float

It is important the pavement is entirely wet. This will make it easier to apply and clean afterwards easier and will help ensure joints are filled completely.
Do NOT let mortar dry on the surface, spray with a light mist to keep moist while applying & cleaning, if necessary. Mist only. Not full hose, as you will again wash both the colour pigment, and the binder from the product.



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Natural Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, Beige


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