Kebur Contempo Pearl White Flamed Sandstone Paving

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Kebur Contempo Pearl White Flamed Sandstone Paving is a hard wearing creamy white sandstone with subtle caramel veining. The flamed finish gives this quartzitic Indian sandstone an aestically textured look and feel whilst also serving to enhance the character and appeal. The sawn edges perfectly compliment a contemporary garden design.

Like any light sandstone, this would benefit from sealing if in a high use area, but it is not essential.


900 x 600 x 20mm (approx. 1.8 slabs/ sq mtr)
600 x 600 x 20mm (approx. 2.7 slabs/ sq mtr)
600 x 400 x 20mm (approx. 4.1 slabs/ sq mtr)

Natural veining, occasional pitting, small chips on the edges and mottled colour variations enhance the natural beauty of this luxurious smooth sandstone. Colour variations always occur to some extent, even in the same batch. Carefully mix the tiles to achieve a harmonious appearance of colours and shades.

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900 x 600, 600 x 600, 600 x 400

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