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Gravel is one of the most attractive, economical and versatile surfaces on earth. But without help, it’s inclined to move around, creating ridges and ending up where it shouldn’t. Stabilising cellular grids are the solution, creating a naturally porous base into which gravel sits – and stays! It’s easy to lay, inexpensive and very attractive.

CORE Drive’s honeycomb grid construction provides tightly packed pockets of loose gravel which create a completely porous hard standing, allowing extreme pressure from vehicular traffic to be applied without the aggregate displacing, this makes CORE drive gravel grid more practical and versatile than other more costly paving options.

A high quality geotextile membrane is heat welded to the underside of every panel. This heat weld attaches the membrane firmly to the honeycomb structure and creates a tray for the gravel to sit in, this prevents the gravel from migrating under the cell wall which causes the honeycomb structure to rise and become exposed making it susceptible to irreparable damage.

Each panel also has an interlocking mechanism on all four side which allows all adjacent panels to be connected in every direction forming a continuous matrix across the entire surface. The heat welded membrane combined with the continuous matrix allows for a thin and unobtrusive driveway grid systems that are virtually invisible when filled. These thinner grids will greatly reduce your gravel consumption by up to 60%, yet are still capable of withstanding regular vehicular traffic.

It is a common misconception that only thicker, heavier and uglier grids can withstand consistent vehicular traffic and last. This is not the case!

The recommended aggregate size CORE Drive 50-30 is up to 22mm angular gravel but the smaller the aggregate the flatter it lays and the easier it is to walk on.

CORE Drive 50-30 is supplied in easy to manage sheets that are large enough to allow for quick installation. Sheets are 1200mm x 800mm (0.96 sq mtrs) and are easy to cut using pruning shears, heavy duty scissors or a disc cutter.

The CORE Drive sheets are highly flexible, allowing them to bend slightly and follow the contour of the ground.

Brief Install Guide:

Existing driveway surfaces need to be patched and generally levelled. Key in where necessary [excavate against adjoining surfaces to lower the level of your base to form a smooth continuous sub base]. Blind over with 10-15mm os Sharp Sand, lay sheets, clip together, fill with chosen aggregate.

Newly excavated driveways should be laid following the general guide above on approximately 100-350mm of suitable sub-base material such as scalpings, depending on ground conditions and intended traffic load.

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