Sinai Pearl Limestone

This month the Kebur Landscape division completed their first job using our Contempo Sinai Pearl Limestone. Using two sizes 600 x 600 and 600 x 400 slabs to create this stunning linear patio. They have edged the patio with Chartham Multi bricks to match the house and created raised beds using sleepers. Once the paving was completed they pointed it using GFTK 850. For any further questions please call us on 01252 517571 or email us at...

Special offer, Contempo Elite Sandstone Silver Grey

This month we have our Contempo Elite Sandstone Silver Grey on special offer with 15% off! With a blasted and brushed surface finish and sawn edges this range of exquisite natural sandstone is available in four colours with all subtle shading variations. The silver grey is available in three sizes that can be used individually or in a combinations with one another to create a linear format patio. Offer ends at the end of June.     Kebur have recently added some new items which are available online or in store, these include our bulk bags and poly bags of 20mm black basalt, mixing tray and tile spacers. For more information please call us on 01252 517571 or email us at