Stonemarket and Bradstone; what’s new for 2015?

We have had a chance to view the new additions to the Stonemarket range for 2015, whilst we have also seen pictures of the new Bradstone products for 2015 and look forward to receiving samples from them in the next week or so.

Both of these national hard landscaping manufacturers that supply us have quite a lot to unveil for the season ahead and the new products will be shown on our website as well as in our show areas early next year.

The forward thinking and trend setting Stonemarket, are launching an on trend smooth polished concrete flag, fine blended with the aggregate exposed. This range titled ‘Excelsior’ will come in three sizes and be available in three colours; dalmation, ash and barley.

At Kebur, we have noticed a considerable upturn in sales of sawn and smooth sandstones, especially in the last year and that coupled with the fact that it looks like a lovely product, we are anticipating great interest in the new biscuit coloured sawn sandstone with subtle banding and a granular appearance that Stonemarket have titled Beachside.

Stonemarket Beachside

Stonemarket Beachside

Stonemarket are also adding a decking tile format to their Timberstone range in both the Driftwood and Copppice Brown shades. They will be introducing Templeton Driveway Setts, similar to the Millstone Driveway setts in design but with a more of a contemporary look. This will work on the same basis as the Millstone Setts, direct to site only and supplied with the jointing compound. Porcelain paving is a relatively new but expanding sector and Stonemarket have launched their own ranges which they refer to as vitrified paving. Gravity, Paleo and Lucent are the names of the three ranges of vitrified paving each with colour options and these will also be sold on a direct to site basis.

There is a new driveway edging called Ampliar, whilst the Vecta linear block paving is extended to include pink and brown shades or Warm Coral and Dusted Coral to be precise. The Trident pavior also sees the addition of a new grey colour.

Finally, new for 2015 is Stonespar which Stonemarket describe as “a sleek, cutting edge, designer option which can be used in a multitude of applications. Available in two exquisite pre-blended mixes and one linear size; the earthy tones of the Garma blend offer warmth and character whilst the cool tones of the Harva blend bring a stylish, modern ad premium feel to any design. Stonespar is a quartzitic sandstone with smooth, sawn sides and a blasted surface to be used for drives or patios.

Stonemarket Stonespar Garma Blend

Stonemarket Stonespar Garma Blend

We look forward to reporting back on the new 2015 Bradstone products as soon as we have had the samples. You can pop in store here and take a peek in their booklet which illustrates their new ranges. They include a large format sandstone paving in three colour shades, a soft textured riven paving, a new sandstone circle design named “Hexicle”, smooth sandstone edgings and a stippled surface contemporary paving called Liscia. The Aged Riven¬†paving that was launched last year is expanded into three colours and a mixed size project pack. Natural Porphyry, also launched last year sees the addition of net based setts, whilst Panache Textured has two further colours as well as a new linear format option. Finally the spinning smooth sandstone circle will now be made available in the popular Dune colour as well as the existing Modac shade.

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