For many years, peat has featured in most garden composts but this has come at a huge cost to rare peatlands in both the UK and overseas.

Why are peat bogs so important?

Extracting peat destroys precious habitat for a wealth of wildlife species and releases carbon into the atmosphere, accelerating climate change. In fact peatlands store more carbon than any other land-based vegetation in the world combined (IUCN). Sadly, more than 94% of the UK’s lowland peat bogs have been destroyed or damaged. With sphagnum moss growing at 1-2mm per year, this habitat has taken millenia to form.

Helping you to go peat-free

Fortunately, there are other ways to care for our plants that don’t require peat. At Kebur, we’ve taken the decision to only supply peat-free compost. We offer high quality multi-purpose compost that has been proven and tested to suit a wide range of garden needs.

So whether you’re potting petunias or planting a pear tree, why not join us in our peat-free pledge for 2021 and get gardening with a clear conscience?

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