Underground PVCu Drainage Pipe

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110mm 3m pipe and various bends, junctions and accessories

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110mm Underground PVCu Drainage Pipe is sold in 3m lengths with a range of bends, junctions and accessories.

Sizes & Options:

110mm x 3m Underground Pipe with a single socket
110mm Double Socket Coupler
110mm 90º Bend Single Socket
110mm 45º Bend Single Socket
110mm 30º Bend Single Socket
110mm 15º Bend Single Socket
110mm 90º T Junction Double Socket
110mm 45º Y Junction Double Socket
110mm Square Hopper with spigot
110mm Round Bottle Gully
110mm Universal Rainwater Adapter

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3m Pipe, Coupler, 90º Bend, 45º Bend, 30º Bend, 15º Bend, 90º T Junction, 45º Y Junction, Square Hopper, Round Bottle Gully, Rainwater Adapter


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