UltraScape Flowpoint Smooth Rapid Set Grout

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  25kg Natural Grey or Charcoal

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UltraScape Flowpoint Smooth grout is a brush-in product ideal for smooth paving stones and slabs with joints as small as 3mm. This award-winning grout mixes and sets quickly to provide a seamless surface to a variety of landscaping projects. Strong and economical, Flowpoint Smooth is less permeable than jointing compounds and available in Natural Grey and Charcoal.

  • Provides a seamless surface
  • Open to foot traffic in 1 hour
  • Open to vehicular traffic in 4 hours
  • Rapid setting
  • Exceptional bond strength
  • Shrinkage compensated
  • Mixes quickly on-site with water
  • Initial set after 15 minutes at 20°C
  • Economical to use
  • Conforms to and exceeds BS 7533
  • Ideal for large-scale projects
  • Available in charcoal and natural grey
  • 25kg paper bags

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What is Flowpoint Smooth suitable for?

UltraScape Flowpoint Smooth is a rapid-set grout with high fluid consistency that conforms to the strict demands of BS 7533. It is ideal for all pavements where a rigid or bound void-free joint is required. The product is suitable for pathways and carriageways and can be used with natural stone, concrete flags and clay paviours.


UltraScape Flowpoint Smooth is a fully pre-mixed dry-pack which only requires the addition of water on-site. It can fill joints from 3mm-50mm wide with a minimum target depth of 20mm, up to 200mm in one application. This highly fluid grout achieves a final compressive strength of 49.6N/mm2 (results achieved using 4.25 litres of water per 25kg bag), and will reach initial set in 30 minutes, will accept light foot traffic after 1 hour, and vehicular traffic after 4 hours (dependent upon temperature).

Mixing and applying Flowpoint Smooth

Once the paving is ready to receive the grout the following method must be adhered to:

Immediately before jointing make sure the joints are free from debris and all ponded water removed. The paving surface and joints must be pre-soaked and kept wet until the jointing process has been completed. A 25kg bag requires 4.25 litres of water. Mix for between 3 and 5 minutes until you have a smooth lump-free consistency.

Apply the mortar without delay. Do not store liquid mortar other than in transit from mixer. Carefully force it into the joints using a suitable rubber squeegee. The mortar should be constantly moved over the surface to repeatedly top up joints in which the mortar may have slumped following initial placement. Use the rubber squeegee to remove as much mortar as possible from the surface. The surface must be kept constantly moist using a soft spray of water.

When the jointing mortar has hardened sufficiently or achieved its initial set, clean the paving surface using a brush and copious amounts of water. You must carry out cleaning thoroughly and make sure no mortar is allowed to remain on the surface of the paving.

Flowpoint Smooth Technical Data Sheet


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