Purbeck Walling

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Sold by the bulk bag (approx. 850kg), 1/2 tonne or per kg



Purbeck Walling can be used for drystone walls or set in mortar. Being a natural stone the shades can vary from cream to ginger and grey. The individual pieces vary in size to add to the natural beauty of a drystone wall.

Each tonne is enough to make approx 4 square metres of facing. (That is to say, a single wall thickness 4 metres long and 1 metre high, or 8 metres long and 50cm high),

The most traditional way to build a natural stone wall is to use random walling. It is used mainly in and around the garden for boundary walls, planters, and retaining walls. A retaining wall is faced on one side only, and is normally backed up with soil. A free-standing wall is faced on both sides, and therefore twice as much stone is required. The stone can be laid dry or in mortar.

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bulk bag (approx. 850kg), 1/2 tonne, per kg


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