Peat Free Multipurpose Compost

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50 Litre Bag


Peat Free Multipurpose Compost is based on high quality sustainable ingredients mixed with all the essential plant nutrients to ensure healthy and vigorous plants at all stages of growth and under a variety of growing conditions.

Peat Free Multipurpose Compost is ideal for use with both indoor and outdoor plants. It is recommended for sowing seeds, rooting cuttings and filling pots, hanging baskets and tubs. Always use the compost straight from the bag and do not mix it with other materials before use.

Ideal for:

  • Sowing seeds and cuttings
  • Hanging baskets and containers
  • Beds and borders

Instructions for use

Sowing Seeds

Different seeds have different requirements, so always follow instructions on the packet. Fill a clean seed tray or pot with Peat Free Multipurpose Compost and firm it gently. Sow the seeds according to the instructions on the pack.

Water the compost using a watering can with a fine rose.

Pricking Out Seeds

When the seedlings have at least one pair of leaves, move them to new trays or pots to allow more space to grow. Fill a clean container with Peat Free Multipurpose Compost, firm gently. Make a series of holes, of an approximate diameter of a pencil and about 2 inches (5 cm) apart. Lift each seedling gently by its leaves (not roots), place it carefully in one of the holes and firm the compost around it, making sure not to damage the stem or roots.

When all the holes have been planted with a seedling, water the compost thoroughly using a watering can with a fine rose. Do not over-water, as this can cause leaching of nutrients or water logging. Place the tray or pot in a bright position but away from direct


Make a clean, angled cut, below a leaf and then remove the lower leaves from the cutting. Dip the cut end in a rooting powder, following manufacturer’s instructions. Fill a pot with Peat Free Multipurpose Compost, make a hole in the compost and insert the cutting.

Carefully firm the compost around the cutting with your fingertips. Water gently, using a watering can a fine rose. Cover the cutting and pot with a clear plastic bag to retain moisture and keep out of direct sunlight. Only water when the compost feels dry or if the cutting shows
signs of wilting.

Potting On

Partly fill the new, larger pot with Peat Free Multipurpose Compost. Remove the plant from the old pot. Place the plant in the new pot, make sure the plant is at the same level as it was in the original pot and fill the pot with compost, firming lightly. Water the compost thoroughly. Do not over water, as this can cause leaching of nutrients or water logging.

Hanging baskets and containers

Line the basket with an appropriate liner, if desired. Half fill the basket with Peat Free Multipurpose Compost. After selecting the appropriate plant colour scheme, work through plant structure i.e. tall plants for centre, trailing plants at edges, as well as foliage and colourful plants to give the desired effect.

Fill the basket with plants, firming the compost around the roots of each plant, one plant at a time. Water the basket thoroughly initially. Thereafter watering to ensure plants do not dry out.

Beds and borders

For planting out flowers, trees and shrubs, dig a hole a few inches wider than the root ball. Add a thick layer of Bord na Móna Growise Peat Free Multipurpose Compost all round the hole. Place the plant in the hole, making sure that the plant is at the same level as it was in the pot i.e. don’t bury the stem. Fill the hole with a 50:50 mixture of compost and soil. Firm the mixture around the plant and then water in well.


Peat Free Multipurpose Compost contains all the nutrients your plants need for the first 5-6 weeks in their new setting. From then on, feed them every 7–14 days with a suitable fertiliser.


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