Multi Purpose Adhesive

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Glue/Hardener for Artificial Grass


Multi Purpose Adhesive is a two component polyurethane based adhesive system primarily designed for bonding artificial grass carpets to jointing tapes to produce a strong invisible joint along the carpet joins.

• Suitable to bond all carpet and tape combinations.
• Solvent free non-flammable adhesive.
• Structured non-slumping consistency.
• Fast cure time.
• Versatile over 5 – 30ºC.
• Bonds generally far stronger than the materials used.
• Tolerates use in damp weather conditions.

10kg tub


Sport-Fix Multi Purpose is mixed thoroughly with the Hardener Additive at a ratio of 10:1 by weight by first adding the hardener component to the adhesive component in the plastic tub. Mixing in all cases should be carried out thoroughly by using a mechanical stirrer, for example a powerful drill with a suitable mixing head. Poorly mixed adhesive does not cure correctly and remains soft. It is therefore essential that mixing of the two components is complete particularly around thesides and the bottom of the tub.

Before use, individual substrates should be evaluated for bonding performance prior to any large-scale application. The mixed adhesive should never be applied onto wet substrates as this interferes with the curing system and will result in inferior bonds. However Multi Purpose Adhesive is tolerant to use in damp weather conditions.

The mixed adhesive is poured from the tub directly down the centre of the tape, or into a suitable application machine. The adhesive is then spread by notched trowel (this allows the adhesive to stand up in ridges) across a width of 250 mm,
leaving a 25 mm strip uncoated at each edge of the tape. Multi Purpose Adhesive is suitable for bonding all synthetic grass carpets to geo-textile tapes and a mixed set of 11.0 kg will bond down a seam length of 15 to 25 metres. It is important that sufficient adhesive is applied to transfer onto the carpet back when this is pressed into position and should effectively fill the gaps between the stitches. Therefore coverage can be down to 15 m per set on some types of the very long pile carpet. The seam can be lightly rolled after making the joint and subsequently re-rolled when the adhesive is setting to a high viscosity mastic appearance (normally 1 – 2 hours). Another method commonly used is to hold the seams in place by weighting the carpet with dry sand or planks until the adhesive has cured. The adhesive will normally partially cure in 1 – 2 hours at average spring/autumn temperatures, but this time can be considerably extended at lower temperatures.


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