Liquid Weather

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Liquid weather is supplied in a 500ml spray bottle.

Liquid Weather permanently darkens and ages the surface of all kinds of masonry. By instantly mimicking the natural weathering process Liquid Weather gives a mature, aged appearance to brick, stone, concrete, tile and render around the house and garden.

One easy application is all that is needed to match existing brickwork, blend in stonework, darken new roofs and pantiles, tone down a driveway or patio, tint new mortar, disguise patched render, finish a fireplace or age garden paths, pots and ornaments

Past customers uses of the trigger spray have included:

  • disguising a filled-in door or window
  • weathering new paving slabs when extending or repairing an old patio
  • ageing garden pots and ornaments
  • tinting a brand new fire surround

Coverage: approx. 4 square metres

Liquid Weather requires only one application to achieve the desired ageing effect.


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