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Kebur Contempo Glacier Porcelain Paving

£21.03Including VAT

£51.95 sq mtr including VAT  Kebur Garden Materials    

900 x 450 x 20mm (approx. 2.4 slabs/ sq mtr)

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£21.03Including VAT

£51.95 sq mtr including VAT  Kebur Garden Materials    

900 x 450 x 20mm (approx. 2.4 slabs/ sq mtr)


Kebur Contempo Glacier Porcelain Paving is supplied in 900 x 450 x 20mm. A high quality Italian ceramic, Glacier Porcelain paving has an off-white icy-grey colouring and features a gently riven surface. Glacier has moderate shading variation to recreate the authentic diversity of natural quartzite paving.

Exceptionally durable and low maintenance paving

Like all our Contempo porcelain tiles, this paving is especially designed for outdoor use; it is 20mm thick, and has high resistance to breaking load and great slip-resistance. The slabs are produced by pressing and vitrifying (fusing into a single material) natural raw materials (sand, quartz, feldspars, kaolin, clays and natural colourants). Because it is fired at temperatures above 1230°C, the porcelain is extremely strong and hard-wearing with practically no water absorption at all. This means when you choose Contempo porcelain, you’ll get a paving slab that is:

  • Slip resistant surface (R11)

  • Lower maintenance and easy to clean including with a jet wash

  • Frost, scratch and fade resistant

  • Full colour-bodied

  • Fully rectified to ensure uniform size and squareness

  • Resistant to stains and mildew

  • Easy to lay

Special pieces to order

If you need alternative sizes or special pieces (steps, copings, risers, drain gullies etc) we can supply these to order. Porcelain Product Guide

Still have questions?

How many paving slabs do I need? Contact us for advice on laying porcelain.

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