Kebur Contempo Egyptian Limestone Sinai Grey Paving

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Approx £49.95 sq mtr including VAT Pre-sealing from £14.95 per sq mtr including VAT Kebur Garden Materials     Two sizes Origin: Egypt

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Kebur Contempo Egyptian Limestone paving has been honed and tumbled with sawn edges to create a sleek and smooth grey limestone paving. Egyptian Limestone Sinai Grey is a stunning grey shade with natural glass and/or quartz veins and sometimes many fossils. Natural veining, occasional pitting, small chips on the edges and mottled colour variations enhance the natural beauty of this luxurious stone. This gives the stone immense character. Sinai Grey is suitable for both traditional and contemporary gardens.


900 x 600 x 20mm (approx. 1.8 slabs/ sq mtr), 600 x 600 x 20mm (approx. 2.7 slabs/ sq mtr)

Colour variations always occur to some extent, even in the same batch. Carefully mix the limestone paving slabs to achieve a harmonious appearance of colours and shades. Rust marks may appear in the paving due to iron and mineral within the stone. This is not a fault. They maybe more visible when the tiles are wet, and may become lighter in colour after installation, in dry conditions and over time. The maximum acceptable percentage of rust marks is 10%. We highly recommend pre-sealing this stone. Do not use acid based cleaners on limestone paving.

With every purchase of this product, you’ll be helping to fund vital work to plant trees and protect established woodland.


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Sealing is highly recommended for some natural stones like granite and Egyptian Limestone. It protects the stone from stains and makes cleaning easier.

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