Hedgehog Friendly Concrete Gravel Board

£25.90Including VAT


Supreme Concrete

1.83m x 295mm x 40mm


Give hedgehogs a much needed helping hand whilst protecting your fence with these Hedgehog Recessed Concrete Gravel Boards. In long-lasting concrete which won’t rot or decay, these gravel boards come with a hole just the right size to allow hedgehogs to travel through.

Recessed concrete gravel boards are a strong gravel board option. Gravel boards help prevent ground moisture reaching the bottom of a fence panel and causing rot. They also stop soil and gravel from moving under the panel.

1.83m x 295mm x 40mm

Barriers between gardens are a major reason why we have lost a third of the UK’s hedgehogs in cities and towns since the millennium. Hedgehogs travel about a mile every night in search of food and a mate. At Kebur, we’re proud to be Hedgehog Champions. Find out more about how you can help hedgehogs.



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