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Hardwood Balau Smooth & Grooved Deck Boards

£55.60Including VAT

3.66m x 21 x 145mm
Price per board

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£55.60Including VAT
3.66m x 21 x 145mm
Price per board
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Balau is a hardwood native to Asia and a great choice for decking because of its durability and its eye-catching look. The stunning timber has light to mid browns and sandy red/oranges that really stand out when wet. Like all timbers, if left to weather naturally, Balau gentles down to a welcoming silver.

Key features

·        Reversible – Smooth one side and castellated (grooved) on the other side

·        Eased edges

·        Extremely dense & durable hardwood

·        Naturally resistant to insect and fungal attack

Size: 3.66m x 21 x 145mm


For face screwing (the traditional method):

Simply screw through the face of the board into your sub-frame with stainless steel deck screws, plugging the hole if you need to.

Always pilot drill before fitting screws and drill 2mm oversize holes. We recommend 400mm centre to centre joist spacing.

Whilst Balau is an extremely stable hardwood, we recommend that you leave a 6mm gap between each board. This will allow it to expand and depending on the conditions.

Boards can be finished with a decking oil or treatment such as Easy Deck Protect. To delay the silvering process that strong sunlight causes in any hardwood, choose a decking oil with UV filters.

Softwood deck joists are most commonly used for the deck frame.

Balau may contain some small microscopic holes called ‘pinworm holes’. These are not a defect in the boards, but a natural occurrence which is allowed for in industry guidelines. Pinworm is not detrimental to the structure of the timber.

This timber is independently-verified as originating from responsibly sourced forests.


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