Fencemate Bolt Down Post Supports

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50, 75, 100, 70 or 90mm
Various fitting styles

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Fencemate Bolt Down Post Supports are the simple way to secure posts and decks onto hard surfaces.

Anchor Projection Bolts are used to hold down Fencemate Bolt Down Post Supports.

Choose from either the Hold-Fast or Swift Clamp style. The Hold Fast holds each post in a vice like grip without the need for nails or screws. The Swift Clamp is perhaps a little more robust and suited for larger, heavier projects such as pergolas and decking. The Swift Clamp’s secure twin bolt mechanism allows even easier post installation and replacement. These post supports have an epoxy brown finish.

Opt for the Flush Fit design to allow you to site a post against a wall etc. Flush Fit option is only available with the Swift Clamp system and in an epoxy brown finish.

For a 50mm posts the bolt down support is a plain box design. These post supports have an epoxy brown finish.

For a 70mm or 90mm post the bolt down support has the Swift Clamp design. These post supports come in a galvanised finish.


50mm for 50mm posts
75mm for 73-78mm posts
100mm for 99-103mm posts
70mm for 70mm posts
90mm for 90mm posts

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Swift Clamp, Hold Fast, Plain Box


75mm, 100mm, 50mm, 70mm, 90mm, 75mm Flush Fit, 100mm Flush Fit


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