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Everbuild Path and Patio Seal is a solvent free acrylic coating used to seal and protect patios, paths, natural stone, concrete and block paving from the effects of sunlight, water, oil, petrol and fungal/moss growth. The milky solution dries to a clear hard-wearing, water repellent film giving a low sheen slip resistant finish which will reduce dirt pick up and facilitate easier cleaning.

Ensure an even coverage using a long pile roller, brush or low pressure garden spray. For very porous surfaces two coats maybe required, but ensure the time between coats does not exceed two hours. A second coat is also an option if a glossier finish is required.

Coverage varies depending on the porosity of the substrate but as a guide a 5 litre tub will do 25 square metres for the first coat or 40 square metres for a second coat.


  • Solvent free formulation – non-flammable, low odour.

  • Improves appearance of dull paths/stone.

  • Also acts as a dustproofer and facilitates easier cleaning.

  • Dramatically improves water and mar resistance – High degree of water repellency in dried film.

  • Contains a powerful fungicide – prevents unsightly mould growth.
Areas For Use

  • Seals and protects, paths, patios, natural stone, concrete and block paving from the effects of the sunlight, water, oil, petrol and fungal/moss growth.

  • Use only as directed. Store only in original container.

  • Do not use on surfaces which have been treated with silicone or stearate based water seals (eg WATERSEAL) unless the surface is weathered enough so as to show no water beading effects.

  • Do not use if rain is imminent (within 5 hours at 20oC).

  • Do not apply below 5oC (air or surface temp).

  • Dispose of this product and packaging correctly. Do not allow to enter watercourses. It is the user’s responsibility to determine suitability for use. If in doubt, please contact us for further advice.

Surface preparation

Surfaces must be free from grease, dust, loose material, algae etc. Clean surfaces with EVERBUILD MOSS AWAY. For bad oil stains, use a proprietary detergent and hot water. For very badly soiled surfaces, use EVERBUILD BRICK AND PATIO CLEANER. In all cases, wash down the cleaned surface with a hose and broom to remove all traces of cleaning product. All artificial stone (cement based) and all block pavers must be left for three months minimum after placing before over coating with this product. This will allow salts to leach out which otherwise may cause unsightly white patches appearing beneath the sealer, especially when the patio is wet.


Stir well before use. May be applied to damp (but not wet) surfaces. Apply using a long pile roller and tray or low-pressure spray. Ensure even and thorough coverage, especially on textured finishes where ponding of the material must be avoided. Apply in two coats, allowing 2 hours between coats. An extra coat may be applied if a semi gloss finish is required. Drying time will be 4 hours from last coat at 20oC. This will be extended at lower temperatures. Do not apply below 5oC. Areas treated with this product can be cleaned with warm water and detergent or EVERBUILD MOSS AWAY. Do not use acid based cleaners, as these will remove/discolour the product. Avoid using power washes.

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