Saige Composite Contemporary Decking

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3.6m x 143mm x 23mm boards
Light Grey, Charcoal or Coffee
Hollow or Solid Boards
Clips to fix Hollow Boards



SAiGE’s Longlife Composite Decking is a low maintenance, durable alternative to timber decking that is child friendly and ideal for families.

Suitable for

  • Patio areas, around pools, hot tubs and on balconies
  • Outdoor private and commercial use
  • Should not be used for construction purposes

Key features

  • Grooved one side, wood grain effect on reverse
  • Made from recycled materials – a unique combination of wood fibres and plastic from reclaimed or recycled resources which are highly screened prior to manufacture
  • 10 year warranty and 25 year expected lifespan
  • Child-friendly – no splinters, hidden fixings, free of toxic additives
  • Durable – no rotting or warping, better resistance against fungi, mould and insect attacks
  • Easy to maintain – no need for sanding, painting or sealing
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Lightweight compared to wood
  • Consistent shape, size and colour
  • Easy to cut and install – no need for pre-treatment and cuts like wood
  • Suitable for hot and cold environments – heat resistant

Fixing clips, trim, joists and decking lights also available. Ask us for details.

Colours and finishes

Hollow boards

  • Colours: Charcoal, Light Grey or Coffee
  • Finish: Mid-groove
  • Dimensions: Available in 3.6m lengths, 143mm wide and 23mm thick (approx. 2 boards per square metre).
  • Fixed together with clips (one bag per 4 boards)

Solid boards

  • Colours: Charcoal, Light Grey or Coffee
  • Finish: Mid-groove
  • Dimensions: Available in 3.6m lengths, 140mm in wide and 20mm thick (coverage is just shy of 2 boards per square metre).
  • Colour matching screws available. Box of 250 (for 6.5 sqm including countersinking tool)

Alternative lengths are available on request with minimum lead time 10 weeks (and minimum order quantities).

Flat trim is also available in all colours for for finishing edges etc. The dimensions are 2.2m x 70mm x 10mm

Note: the boards will fade by approximately 10%-15% after installation within the first 2-3 months. After this the colour pigments stabilise.

Storage and installation

  • Storage: SAiGE Longlife decking is generally denser than natural wood. On site, it must be stored on a flat surface and must be supported by centres at 60cm intervals. Storing on uneven surface might cause the boards to twist. The decking should be covered for long term storage.
  • Tools: No specialist tools are required but for the best results, we recommend using circular saw blades with few teeth (e.g. 8-24, on a 45 cm blade).
  • Fixings: We recommend using 4 x 30 mm (minimum) corrosion resistant self-tapping screws as supplied within the fixing kit for use with our hidden fixing clips. If using a power tool, we advise to adjust the tool so that the screws are not over tightened.
  • Decking foundations: Please consult your structural engineer for design specifications for an appropriate sub-floor for your structure. Make sure the foundation is flat and stable in order to avoid deformation and dents in the surface and of the terrace. Always maintain the indicated mounting distance. Make sure that all joists are level and centred. The decking must span at least three joists.

Quick Composite Decking Installation Guide

Saige Composite Solid Decking Boards Installation Guide

Saige Composite Hollow Decking Boards Installation Guide


How to keep your decking clean

Matching fencing and balustrades available.

Saige Composite Decking Specification



Additional information


Hollow Board 3.6m x 143mm, Pack of Fixing Clips for Hollow Decking, Solid Board 3.6m x 143mm, Colour Coded Screws (box of 250), Flat Trim 2.2m x 70mm


Grey, Charcoal, Coffee


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