Bradstone Stonemaster Dark Grey 300x100x60mm (43.2 sq mtrs)

£2,070.00 £1,242.00Including VAT





40% off



Bradstone Stonemaster Block Paving is a high quality reconstituted stone block paving that provides a superbly realistic natural sandstone or granite appearance, pre-coated with surface protection to ease cleaning. Stonemaster has the added benefit of being 50% recycled.

We have six packs (43.2m2) Bradstone Stonemaster Dark Grey to clear at 40% off. So just £28.75 sq mtr including VAT for this contemporary high quality block paving. Packs are wrapped but not in original Bradstone wrapping.

Single Size Packs (7.2 sq mtrs. Contains 240 no. 300 x 100. Thickness 60mm)


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