Bradstone Old Town Paving

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Timeworn Appearance
Five Colours
Seven Sizes and a Mixed Size Patio Packs



Bradstone Old Town Paving is a solution that looks to the past for inspiration, replicating the look and feel of old timeworn York flagstones. With its slightly riven appearance, tooling marks and weathered edges, Old Town paving bears a remarkably close resemblance to natural stone and is available in seven different sizes to give a truly random feel to any patio feature.

With a range of circle kits, walling and edging to match the paving options, Old Town is the ideal choice to create a charming and traditional setting.

All paving sizes are available in either a Grey-Green colour or Weathered Limestone shade. Furthermore the patio packs are also available in Dark Grey and Old Quarried and a patio pack featuring slate effect edgings comes in the Grey Green colour


900 x 600 x 44mm
600 x 600 x 40mm
600 x 450 x 40mm
600 x 300 x 40mm
450 x 450 x 40mm
300 x 450 x 40mm
300 x 300 x 40mm
Patio Pack – 6.4 sq mtrs (Contains 3 no. 600×600, 3 no. 600×450, 2 no. 450×450, 9 no. 600×300, 12 no. 450×300, 6 no. 300×300)
Patio Pack – 8.8 sq mtrs (Contains 40 no. 600×600, 9 no. 600×300, 9 no. 600×150 [slate], 5 no. 600×450, 8 no. 450×450, 9 no. 300×450, 5 no. 300×300)Old Town Patio Packs

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900 x 600mm, 600 x 600mm, 600 x 450mm, 600 x 300mm, 450 x 450mm, 450 x 300mm, 300 x 300mm, Patio Pack 6.4 sq mtrs, Slate Edging Patio Pack 8.8 sq mtrs


Grey-Green, Weathered Limestone, Dark Grey, Old Quarried

Patio packs

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