Bradstone Manzano Paving

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Four Colours
Various Sizes & Mosaics



Bradstone Manzano Paving incorporates a distinctive and varied colour blend to create the appearance of contemporary polished concrete.

A porcelain paving offering exceptional strength and durability, Manzano is available in a choice of sizes and shades and features at least 12 attractive mosaic designs mixed at random throughout the range to offer even greater design flexibility and visual appeal.

Sizes & Options:

1200 x 600 x 20mm – Pearl and Grey only
900 x 450 x 20mm – Pearl and Grey only
600 x 600 x 20mm – Pearl, Grey, Black & Taupe
600 x 300 x 20mm Mosaic – Pearl only
600 x 600 x 20mm Mosaic – Pearl, Grey, Black & Taupe
900 x 225 x 20mm Mosaic – Pearl only

The Mosaic Mix

Manzano mosaic flags are randomly designed and supplied in mixed packs to complement the plain flags in the range. They offer endless design options for your garden, to be used as edging, as corners, as a central feature or even randomly placed throughout the patio, allowing you to create something really unique,

There are at least 12 individual mosaic design motifs that are used to create the mosaic flags so that your patio is as authentic as it can be. There are three sizes of mosaic flags available. The 600 x 600mmmosaic flags come in all four shades and the packs contain a random mix of flags, showing either one full sized motif or four smaller ones per paver to add interest to your garden design.

The 600×300 mosaic flags are only available in Pearl with each flag featuring eight random motifs. The 900×225 mosaic flags are also only available in Pearl with each flag featuring four random motifs.

Additional information


Pearl, Grey, Black, Taupe


1200 x 600 (each), 1200 x 600 (pack of 24), 600 x 600 each, 600 x 600 (pack of 60), 900 x 450 (each), 900 x 450 (pack of 65), Mosaic 600 x 600 (each), Mosaic 600 x 600 (pack of 60), Mosaic 600 x 300 (each), Mosaic 600 x 300 (pack of 72), Mosaic 900 x 225 (each), Mosaic 900 x 225 (pack of 96)


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